Certificate of Good Conduct Application Online

Certificate of Good Conduct

The Kenya Police Clearance Certificate commonly referred to as Certificate of Good Conduct is used to show that the holder has not participated in any criminal activities in the past six months or served a jail term at a particular time.

The validity period for the Certificate of good conduct is one year from the date of issue. The Certificate is used as a measure of integrity by the Government of Kenya and its institutions, NGOs, Companies, businesses and religious bodies across the country for the purpose of pre-employment vetting.

This Certificate is issued to Kenyans residing in the country, foreign citizens who are not aliens or refugees in Kenya, foreign citizens who are aliens and refugees in Kenya and finally to Kenyans residing in foreign countries.

The Kenya Police Certificate of Good Conduct

Application Prerequisites

The following are the requirements for applications/renewal for the Kenya police clearance certificate.

For a Kenyan Citizen

  1. The applicant must present him/herself with an original second-generation National ID card and clear photocopies of the same.
  2. Must pay an application fee of Ksh 1, 000 or its equivalent and obtain the official receipt from the nearest Kenyan foreign mission or submit the cheque payable to online on the eCitizen web portal.
  3. Must allow his/her fingerprints and palm prints to be recorded on a prescribed form at the CID Headquarters or nearest Huduma Center.
  4. If the individual is not registered and issued with a Kenyan national ID card as per Cap. 107 Laws of Kenya, he/she must prove that he/she attained the age of 18 years while out side the country and is yet to return. He/she must be accompanied by a letter from the Kenyan foreign mission, a certified copy of birth certificate and passport which is relevant in this case.

For a Foreign Citizen – not refugee or alien

  • The Applicant should present him/herself with a copy of his country’s passport with certified documents to prove that he/she ever stayed in Kenya for 3 or more months.
  • Must meet the requirement of steps 2 and 3 for Kenyan citizen as stated above.

For a Foreign – legal alien in Kenya

  • The Applicant should present him/herself with a copy of his country’s passport with certified documents to prove that he/she has ever lived in Kenya for 3 or more months and a document from his/her employer or training institution in case of expatriate or student respectively is relevant.
  • Must meet the requirement of steps 2 and 3 for Kenyan citizen as stated above.
  • If he/she alien ID card, it must be verified by the issuing authority i.e the Immigration Department before the processing of the application is allowed.

Online Application for Certificate of Good Conduct -eCitizen

In the past, one had to endure long queues at the CID Headquarters or Divisional CID offices. The online application process has now made things easy as 123.

How do I make the Application Online?

You can now apply and pay online from the comfort of your home or office and have the application forms together with the receipts printed later at a cyber cafe or office. Present the printed documents and receipts to the CID Headquarters or the nearest Huduma Centers for fingerprints and palm recording.

How to Apply for the Certificate of Good Conduct on eCitizen


  • Access the eCitizen portal through your browser or click here to login directly.
  • If you don’t have an account, click on the create account button and select your residence type.
  • You will be required to provide your email address, phone number. National ID or Passport number for foreign residents. Ensure you have at least Ksh 1,050 on your Mpesa account for payment purposes.
  • login to your newly created eCitizen account by providing your email address/National ID Number and your password.
  • Select the ” Directorate of Criminal Investigations” menu option and click on the blue button written “Make Application”
  • Select option one for an Adult application or option two for children under the age of 18 years.
  • Read the application instructions carefully and proceed to fill the application form with correct details.
  • Select the mode of payment and pay for the police Clearance. ( Mpesa Charges apply)
  • Download two copies of your invoice/receipt, and one copy of the C24 form.
  • Print the downloaded forms on both sides of an A4 paper.
  • Present the C24 and invoices, original documents (National ID/Passport and Birth Certificate in the case of minors) used during the application and photocopies of the same to the CID Hq or Nearest Huduma Centers for finger and palm print processing.


Ensure you are using your Own eCitizen account to apply for your own Police Clearance Certificate. Applications applied on behalf of others will be rejected


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